The latest FileSafe Innovation in the New Normal:

FileSafe has been protecting your data for over 20 years – it’s hard to believe we are as old as Google. Through multiple generations of technology our mission has remained the same: Keep file sharing and protection simple.

We are pleased to introduce the Next Generation of FileSafe Technology: FileSafe Hybrid Cloud.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a high demand for workers who need to access their office files, databases and software. Worker mobility has steadily improved with better laptops and faster internet.
One option is moving your office into the ‘cloud.’ But the cloud is only as fast/stable as your Internet. Also: Do you really want your files stored on somebody else’s server? When you need tech support do you want to call Microsoft or Amazon or Google for help? Those services aren’t free either – typically costing $20/user or more . . . about what FileSafe costs – which is a server you own; in your office & under your control.

Our new FileSafe Hybrid Cloud technology is the best of both worlds. Your data remains safe on the FileSafe in your office. We can now add up to 14 Windows 10 Professional Desktop ‘virtual machines’ that your mobile staff can log into from home or anywhere. These connections are secured over a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which encrypts all the information exchanged between your remote staff and the Windows Virtual Desktops.

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  • Improved security

  • Enhanced performance

  • Access from anywhere

  • Real-time backups

  • Entirely cloud based

  • Any number of devices