About Server Partners LLC &
FileSafe Small Business Servers.

Server Partners was founded in 2000 and has provides small business (2-70+) user customers with economical, safe and reliable shared file storage for decades. Many customer have said that ‘simple’ is what they mostly value in the product.

Our FileSafe Small Business Server and Backup Platform has been protecting our customers’ data for over 20 years – it’s hard to believe we are as old as Google. Through multiple generations of technology our mission has remained the same: Keep file sharing and protection simple.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a high demand for remote access to files which are ‘trapped’ in an office network – even for very small businesses. This trend continues the ‘flight’ of line-of-business applications like accounting applications to the cloud. With more data ‘living’ in the cloud, access to more and more of the information assets of a company are already there.

That’s why we designed the original FileSafe products to be easy to deploy and, maintain with multiple modes of automatic backup, including offsite backup to our own data center.

Our servers optimize use cases which we believe dominate the small business market we serve where customers simply want to store and share files safely and securely at a very low predictable price per month in a bundle which includes service, support, security and safety. (Security is the defense against intruders. Safety is the defense against accidents.)

The FileSafe Hybrid Cloud technology is the best of both onsite and online worlds. Your data remains safe on the FileSafe Server in your office, plus you can add up to 14 Windows 10 Pro Desktop ‘virtual machines’ so your remote employees can work from home or anywhere. We even provide an encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) so all information is securely exchanged between your remote staff and the Windows Virtual Desktops.

FileSafe protects your data onsite at your workplace with eight hourly backups every day, 14 daily backups going back two weeks and up to 52 Friday night backups going back one year.  We also backup your data offsite in our private secure data center in Indianapolis so you have instant access to your data and backups onsite 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

You will own your FileSafe Server – for a one-time fee that covers,  the cost of the genuine Dell hardware, the server software, delivery, installation and setup of your new FileSafe Hybrid Cloud Server. 

For 50% off the retail price of $5999 – you pay only $2999.  Monthly service, support, monitoring and offsite backup stays the same – no increase now or ever.

Take advantage of remote access to Virtual Windows 10 PCs for $239 each – one time – a fraction of the cost of a traditional PC. No monthly charges, not additional support costs.

Compare that to Microsoft or Amazon’s pricing for Virtual PCs in the cloud at $75-$125/mo – forever!


We know your FileSafe server is working because we watch it every day. Giving you confidence in the safety and security of your data is our mission. Where so many technologies have let us down, we are proud of being the simplest, safest most secure way to share files you own in your office and out of the cloud.


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Always There For You

Remote server and network management and monitoring. Instant data recovery and file restore.

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Small Business Server. Windows 10 Pro Virtual Machines. Backups. VPN. One Low Monthly price.


Fast onsite & remote connections to secure FileSafe Servers in your office

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On Premises + Offsite Backups Year Round, Secure Encrypted Connections. Instant Data Recovery

Keep Your Business Data Safe In In Your Office

Your business virtual computers, apps and files are never trapped or lost in the cloud.

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The “Work from Anywhere” Enabled FileSafe Hybrid Cloud Small Business Server.

While every business appears to be moving their office into the ‘cloud’, the cloud is only as fast/stable as your Internet. Do you really want your files stored on somebody else’s server? When you need tech support do you want to call Microsoft or Amazon or Google for help?

Those services aren’t free either – typically costing $20/user or more . . . about what you can get with when you buy a FileSafe Hybrid Cloud Small Business Server – which is a remotely managed server that you own; in your office & under your control.

Plus, our virtual Windows 10 Pro PCs can’t suffer from hardware failure, there is no display, keyboard or mouse and they are far more energy efficient. You can run the same software applications as you would on your desktop PCs and access them from anywhere! You can even use multiple displays on compatible laptops.

With the FileSafe Hybrid Cloud Server, your data is exchanged between your local office PCs and Virtual Desktops PCs at up to 1000 Megabits/second.

24/7/365 Monitoring
Daily Backups each 2 weeks
weekly backups per year


The “No Worries” Small Business Server Solution